5 Unique (and cheap!) Baby Shower Games

5 Unique And Cheap Baby Shower Games | The Blossoming Bump

There are so many unique baby shower games floating around out there, that I thought I’d share MY top 5 faves (while keepin’ it nice and cheap too!). These are all bound to get some giggles, some awwwws, and maybe even a few precious memories made! 1. Who’s Who? Ask guests to either send a baby picture of themselves along … Read More

3 Nutritious Summer Mocktails (Perfect for Pregnancy!)

Nutritious Summer Mocktails For Pregnancy | The Blossoming Bump

Just as that fantastic excuse for drinking one too many cocktails is upon us (AKA summer time), I find myself reeling in horror at not being able to partake in any refreshing tipples. Because I’m pregnant in the summer time. Again. But worry not deprived mamas-to-be! I’ve devised 3 super refreshing and nutritious summer MOCKtail recipes, that’ll have you hovering around … Read More

5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Pregnant in Summer

5 Reasons Its Great To Be Pregnant In Summer | The Blossoming Bump

1. Long Sundresses The time has come ladies, when all manner of pregnancy sins can be hidden beneath a beautifully billowing skirt or sundress. Thighs gotten out of control in the 2nd trimester? No worries. Belly button taken on the rather attractive ‘outie’ look on life? Not a problem. I LIVE in these things now, and hey, I may feel like a … Read More

4th July Home Decor: FREE Printable

4th July Home Decor: Free Printable 1 | The Blossoming Bump

The ultimate summer time holiday is upon us U.S. folks! So in honor of all things red, white and blue (not to mention BBQ, beer, sunshine, and firework extravaganzas!) I wanted to share with you this super cute, country style 4th July Home Decor: FREE Printable! Just save it, print it and frame it to add a little extra seasonally … Read More

5 Online Resources for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

5 Online Resources For Postpartum Depression And Anxiety | The Blossoming Bump

Postpartum Progress – One of the leading online resources for postpartum depression and anxiety (as well as every other postpartum mood disorder you could ever care to learn more about), makes this site worth a lengthy visit if you’re looking for solidarity. Guest posters keep the information and insights here raw and real. We’ve all read the symptom list a … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: 8 Tips for Crowd Safety with Kids

Mom Vacation Hack; 8 Tips For Crowd Safety With Kids | The Blossoming Bump

No mom really enjoys the free-for-all of the summer school vacations. While it can be quite nice to immerse yourself into a like minded, equally excited holiday crowd once in a blue moon, it’s not without it’s frustrations. So every year I like to refresh my family’s memory when it comes to crowd safety with kids. You see, you don’t … Read More

4th July Party To Do List Packet: Liberty, Justice & FREE Printables For All!

4th July Party List Free Printables 5 | The Blossoming Bump

Planning a fantastic shindig, packed with family, friends and the odd meandering neighbor who just can’t help themselves? Then don’t miss this 4 part FREE printable 4th July Party To Do List! With the help of this nifty little organizational tool, you won’t forget a guest, a morsel or one of the bajillion tasks that need to be completed the … Read More

Pregnancy and Summer Parties: 10 Ways To Give it Your All (but not really!)

Pregnancy And Summer Parties | The Blossoming Bump

You’d be excused for assuming that with the beating summer sun here in East TN, I’d be taking my 34 week pregnant butt to a shady corner for a cozy, cool sleep. But you’d be wrong! Because guess what!? Pregnancy and summer parties CAN mix, as easily of those frozen margaritas you can’t partake of right now (FYI I’ll be seeing … Read More