DIY Dog Crate Cover (in under an hour & only $10!)

So, the day finally came.

I got sick (as a dog you could say, bahaha!) of staring a the same old, cumbersome, black metal dog crate that had littered our small living room for four years. Four years!

This thing was undeniably the center focus of our family space, and while a certain beagle might have enjoyed playing center stage, my patience finally ran out when it came to sharing this common area with an eyesore.

I’ve always made excuses as to why this particular DIY project didn’t get done until now. Whether it be cost, time, or not knowing quite where to begin, I got pretty darn good at finding a way to wiggle out of the job -but no more! In just under an hour and for only $10 (!!!) I managed to whip up this cute cover that ties in well with our decor, and has helped morph the beagle crate into a more attractive ‘beagle cave’ (read: she loves it!).


I dived into this AWESOME tutorial at but did decide to change a few odds and ends to make the job a litle quicker and a little cheaper. I only went with one layer of patterned fabric to save time and money (and in my opinion it alone is plenty opaque to look nice) and I avoided the decorative piping etc. to cut down on labor (I don’t get a lot of ‘quiet time’, so it’s imperative to me to portion it wisely!)

Each to their own, eh?! Do check out the link though,to learn more!

What I Used for a 24 X 36 X 23 crate (medium sized):

3 yards of patterned fabric (I scored mine at Joann’s for 30% off, so $3 a yard! They do it all the time, check ’em out online! – Oh, and an extra tip? You can sign up for the Joann’s app and get coupons on your smartphone, or visit and use their phone coupons at check out too!)

Sewing machine

Matching thread


Tape measure

Step 1: I started by double checking all my dimensions, then cutting my panels to size, plus added a generous 1/2 inch each way for seam allowance (I like to err on the side of caution. I’m no sewing maverick, it’s true).

The panels I ended up with are as follows (remember to check the dimensions of your own cage first!):

2 side panels (24 x 36)

1 top panel (23 x 36)

2 front/back panels (23 x 24)

Step 2: First I attached the 2 side panels, right sides together of course, to the top panel using a 1/2″ allowance. Each top edge attached to a side edge of the top panel, and thus hung down each side.

NOTE: In the midst of attaching them I doubled over the unused, exposed edges at the bottom of the side panels, as well as the front edge of the top panel, and sewed them down for a clean line.

Step 3: Next I attached the back panel to the back edge of the top panel (stay with me here folks!), and doubled over the bottom edge of the back panel too for a finished edge.

Step 4: The 2 edges of the side panels and back panel were next, already all attached to the top panel I pinned them neatly to one another and sewed right sides facing to secure.

Step 5: Lastly I took some of the spare fabric I had lying around and sewed 2 ‘tubes’ that would serve as my ties for keeping the front panel up and out of the way. I made them approx. 5″ x 1″. I sewing them right sides facing and left one short end open so I could flip the tube inside out, tuck the open end and then sew it closed.

I doubled over and sewed the edges of my front panel, before attaching it to the front edge of the top panel. The ‘tubes’ then threaded between these 2 panels, with half protruding from the top in front of the front panel, and half from the bottom behind the front panel.

unnamed (5)

I pinned in place and sewed these last two main panels together, flipped everything right side out, rolled it up and tied it all pretty like, and ALL DONE!

unnamed (6)


Any questions or comments? Fire away!

Happy sewing!



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  1. Brandi Clevinger

    I bet he likes the cover, too! It makes them feel more secure and safe. My mom has the same boring crate. I’m going to forward her this post so we can dress it up a bit.

    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Mondays!

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