Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial!

Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Everything has begun to take on a certain pumpkin-like quality and the hue of UT orange has infiltrated the wardrobe of even the most stoic of Knoxvillians.

Folks, it’s Fall time in East Tennessee. In case you haven’t worked that out yet.

So, in pure submission to this glorious season I’ve spent the better part of weekend so far this September, delving into all things autumnal and crafty.

Behold. I give to you the easiest Fall wreath ever. Fact.

Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump


Creating the Basic Wreath:

1.  Cut the burlap fabric into long strips (check out this awesome tutorial at to learn how to cut burlap without it fraying!). Thread the burlap strips underneath the top 3 wire rungs, fold over the top of the wreath frame and secure with Liquid Stitch.

2. Wrap the burlap strip around the whole of the frame, securing end pieces to themselves using the liquid stitch. Start and end each new strip this same way, making sure to cover glued edges with the next strip as best you can, until the whole wreath is covered.

3. On your final burlap strip, leave just enough slack to create a loop.

4. Cut the red wired ribbon into two long pieces. Thread the first piece of ribbon through the loop at the front of the wreath and tie into a bow.

5. Thread the other piece of ribbon through the burlap strip at the back of the wreath and secure into a hanging loop, using Liquid Stitch to add extra resilience!



Preparing the Family Initial:

1. Trace around your wooden letter on the right side of the decorative paper.

2. Cut it out inside the pencil line.

3. Glue the paper cut out letter to the wooden letter with Mod Podge. Then coat the whole thing (paying special attention to coating those paper edges) several times – I did 4 layers – and allow to dry. Ps – it’ll dry clear so no panicking please!



Finishing Touches:

1. Thread the faux fall decor sticks (I got mine from Joann’s!) between layers of burlap strip about 3/4 of the way down on one side and arrange.

2. Using a command strip (sneaky tip!) or Liquid Stitch attach your family initial to the opposite side of the wreath to balance it visually.

3. Hang it and step back in pride and awe – now what else can you get your Fall-tastic mittens on this afternoon?!



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