The Two Kid Trapeze: Surviving The Second Child Dynamic (A KMB Post)

The Two Kid Trapze | The Blossoming Bump

Dear Moms in the Two Kid Trenches,

I get it finally. I really, really do.

Here I am, donned in day old pajamas and staring bleary eyed at the same near blank computer screen that’s been taunting me for the past half an hour. And it’s officially 7:15pm. And my day isn’t over yet.

It’s not because I have a lot of pressing tasks to complete or an upcoming busy day out there in the world to prepare for, but instead it’s because my day never really ends. Like, ever.

Welcome to new parenthood. We’ve been waiting for you.

Between all the night feeds, the diapers (now times two – what the hell was I thinking!?), and the varying shades of crazy that accompany being a mother to two under two, each and every day has finally begun to blur mercilessly into the next one. Actually, my only point of reference for a new day beginning right now is the local news channel I’ve found myself staring mindlessly at while nursing at 4:20am every morning, and the coffee pot switching on for one more round of ‘mama juice’ every day.

I’m starting to think nothing will ever be the same again…

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