Crazy Easy DIY Infinity Nursing Scarf Tutorial

So, I’ve seen these infinity scarves bouncing around online for some time now and always thought they looked like a pretty awesome way to stay ahead of the nursing modesty game (By the way, that’s just my personal comfort level – seriously, more power to ya, whoever embraces public breastfeeding with more enthusiasm than I!)

Anyway, I figured why not give it a go? I love scarves, tend to jump at the chance to design anything myself fabric/color wise and honestly, this was a useful project that I was able to keep under $5, thanks to a couple of Joanne’s coupons and some pretty nifty on-sale fabric. Sweet, right?


Overall this was SUCH a simple project – although I did end up needing to supplement my fabric (managed to turn it into a ‘fashion’ choice, what can I say?) with an extra panel to make sure the whole thing was ultimately long enough (NOTE: 60in long really is the minimum if you’re fairly tall like I am).

I’ve noted below to try to pick a stretchy type fabric since this will ultimately be lighter and more adaptable to baby’s positions/size etc. BUT I personally chose to go with a heavier, thicker cotton fabric since we’re having a November baby and I really wanted to make something that would keep out the cold during nursing and whilst I’m rocking my new favorite scarf during the winter!

What You’ll Need: Stretchy fabric 60in X 40in (as I mentioned I chose to add a second, brighter accent fabric so it worked out like this: Fabric 1: 45in X 40in, Fabric 2 for just a pop of color: 15in X 40in), pins, scissors, coordinating threads, sewing machine.

Step 1: Take your 60in X 40in piece of fabric (or attach the larger and smaller pieces together now with a straight machine stitch, so the whole thing becomes 60in X 40in in total) and fold it over, right sides facing one another. Pin and machine stitch leaving the shorter ends open with a gap of about 2/3in unstitched.

nursingscarf2watermarked nursingscarf1watermarked

Step 2: Turn right side out. Fold the 2/3in open ends inside of themselves. Then ‘thread’ the folded ends inside one another, one on top of the other so you get a neat, folded over, straight edge ready to be pinned and sewn.

Step 3: Pin and sew those short ends together (NOTE: Be careful here to make sure your fabrics are lying on top of one another properly and you don’t end up missing the inside layer with your stitch, so to speak). You should end up with one long loop of funky cool fabric/s – otherwise known at your infinity scarf!

Step 4: Wear out in public, brag about how you made it yourself and nurse with abandon! :)


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5 thoughts on “Crazy Easy DIY Infinity Nursing Scarf Tutorial

    • I sure hope so! I haven’t put it to the test yet since I’m not due until November but it’s super comfy (I’m already wearing it out and about!), washes well and really does fit nicely – I’m feeling pretty confident that it’s gonna do it’s job, especially with a little extra width added to it, than they traditionally have! :)

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