ell hi there! So great of you to stop by.

I’m Carly and welcome to my tiny slice of life here at The Blossoming Bump, sprawled across the internet for everyone to see. I have no shame, I know.


I’m a wife, a mom to two boys (although one’s technically not hanging with us just yet –  due in August folks!), a rescuer of three barmy pooch rejects, and creative to the core.


He takes a pretty good photo, our young’un! Am I right?


Whoa, wait a second. Scratch that last part.

Oh, yeah, and I’m a full-on tea drinking, fish and chips scoffing, born and bred British gal who just so happens to be living in East Tennessee now with my crazy man clan.

Funny where life takes us isn’t it?

I used to be a theater geek and a repeat offender Summer Camp Counselor (oh boy, have the songs and stamina come in handy with my kids), but slowly shrunk into the background to take care of my little loves instead.

After my first son was born I suffered with acute Postpartum Anxiety, an obstacle I’m very open about, particularly on this blog. Hey, if you’re looking for an understanding ear new mama, you’ve found it.


So here I am, putting pen to paper so to speak, and baring ‘mom life’ in all it’s delicious, mortifying glory for you nosy folks. And what a darn pleasure it is too.

Hope to see you again soon!



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