PINCHme Box September Review: Free Samples for All!

PINCHme Review | The Blossoming Bump

So, it’s my favorite time of the month again. That’s right, it’s PINCHme time y’all! Guys, if you haven’t checked out this truly awesome free sample service yet then you’re missing out. And you need to haul your tired mama butts over to their site and get signed up. Like yesterday. Every month the mailman drops off a box of sheer joy … Read More

Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial!

Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

Well, it’s that time of year again. Everything has begun to take on a certain pumpkin-like quality and the hue of UT orange has infiltrated the wardrobe of even the most stoic of Knoxvillians. Folks, it’s Fall time in East Tennessee. In case you haven’t worked that out yet. So, in pure submission to this glorious season I’ve spent the … Read More

‘New Mom’ Blueberry Zucchini Crumb Muffins!

'New Mom' Blueberry Zucchini Crumb Muffins | The Blossoming Bump

So, in the midst of stocking up my freezer for baby number 2 (stocking up is putting it lightly, this poor appliance is fit to burst!) I decided to branch out a little on the muffin front. I knew I needed something that would help with lactation for nursing Thing Two (why, hello raw oats and flax seed!), something I could … Read More

The Ultimate Freezer-Friendly Vegetable Lasagna

The Ultimate Freezer-Friendly Vegetable Lasagna | The Blossoming Bump

As the countdown to Thing Two’s arrival began to speed up (at least that’s how it seems in those last few weeks, am I right?), I decided to get my freezer cooking groove on once more, since it provides such a help with readying my family for the newborn chaos ahead. When our first was born I went all out with … Read More

6 Healthy and Easy Toddler Breakfasts! The Ultimate Recipe Round Up!

Healthy Toddler Breakfast Round-Up |The Blossoming Bump

We’ve all been there, haven’t we moms? It’s a busy weekday morning (or weekend coz let’s face it, they all blend into one nowadays) and the ultimate challenge appears once again – I need to feed my picky toddler fast and I need it not to be junk! Well, here are just a few of my favorite healthy and easy … Read More

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator: An Honest Mom’s Review!

Fresh Wave Review | The Blossoming Bump

So our couch gave up the ghost the other day. This might not sound like a big deal to many, but only a few days into having baby number two and with limited financial resources due to hospital bills and paternity leave (see reason above for that), we were hard pressed to go sofa shopping in the footloose and fancy … Read More

Childbirth Scripture Cards: FREE Printable

Childbirth Scripture Cards Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Labor and birth can be a nerve-wracking time (even for the most seasoned of moms!), so it stands to reason that while we’re certainly busy preparing physically for the big event, we also need to invest time in preparing ourselves mentally and spiritually too! Voila! Just save, print, cut out and stick these free Childbirth Scripture Cards somewhere you’ll see … Read More

Pregnancy Scripture Cards: FREE Printable

Pregnancy Scripture Cards Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Faith and prayer have done a lot for me on a personal level, never more so as I prepared for and entered the battlegrounds of motherhood! It’s my pleasure to share with whoever seeks it, some of the scriptures that really guided me through this life transition and brought me such peace. Just save, print, cut out, and stick these … Read More

Healthy Pregnancy Affirmation Cards: FREE Printable

Healthy Pregnancy Affirmation Cards Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Pregnancy is a bit of a strange time for any mom-to-be, and preparing for birth can involve all kinds of different commitments; regular doctor or midwife visits, a careful diet, exercise and stretches, and a little ‘me’ time (while you still can!). So why not take a moment to invest in positive thinking, reassurance and the total excitement of the blessing … Read More

Why Sugar Scares Me: Protecting My Kids from ‘Food’

Why Sugar Scares Me Protecting My Kids From 'Food' | The Blossoming Bump

I’ve considered myself a bit of a clean eating fanatic for a while now, though admittedly I’m still working on changing a few habits and making the best choices I (now) know to make. What can I say? There’s a whole lot of temptation out there and I’m only human. Not to mention, pregnancy seems to have weakened my resolve … Read More