Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial!

Super Easy DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

Well, it’s that time of year again. Everything has begun to take on a certain pumpkin-like quality and the hue of UT orange has infiltrated the wardrobe of even the most stoic of Knoxvillians. Folks, it’s Fall time in East Tennessee. In case you haven’t worked that out yet. So, in pure submission to this glorious season I’ve spent the … Read More

Our Family Vegetable Garden: A Clean Eating Dream for My Kids

Our Family Vegetable Garden: A Clean Eating Dream For My Kids | The Blossoming Bump

We’ve been talking about it for years, the hubster and I. Since the first Spring we were married to be exact. The notion of investing a little time, a little effort and a whole lot of expectation into a small family vegetable garden behind our house, was something that begged to be explored. You see we already frequent the local farmers markets, … Read More

DIY Dog Crate Cover (in under an hour & only $10!)

So, the day finally came. I got sick (as a dog you could say, bahaha!) of staring a the same old, cumbersome, black metal dog crate that had littered our small living room for four years. Four years! This thing was undeniably the center focus of our family space, and while a certain beagle might have enjoyed playing center stage, my … Read More

DIY Baby Photo Editing: My free & easy method for professional looking baby shots

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve already developed a nasty little habit of compulsively seizing every blummin’ photo op that drifts your way, particularly when it comes to your mini-mes and all the growing they do in those first few years. Cue rapid and uncontrollable snapping from wild eyed moms. Well, you gotta don’t you? I’ve spent a (slightly) unreasonable amount … Read More

The Yard Sale Jungle:…& then a fight broke out

I think I had the experience of my lifetime last Sunday. There I was, innocently browsing away on craigslist (a sort of nationwide, online classifieds in the USA) and I came across a section entitled ‘free’. “Well, I like free stuff”, I said to myself. Eyeing the details it looked like a local lady was clearing out her basement and wanted to … Read More

Easy Peasy DIY Car Seat Canopy!

Easy Peasy DIY Car Seat Canopy Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

So, the hubster and I finally nailed down our travel system choice (we went with the Evenflo FlexLite System in Santa Fe Sunset by the way and we’re stoked with it so far!) I personally think the fabric design is kinda awesome on this stroller and car seat (brown and yellow faded chevron stripes – very light, neutral and contemporary!)… … Read More

DIY Baby Footprint Keepsake – Ideal gift for your nearest & dearest!

Super simple. Nice and cheap. Minimal time and clean up. What more could you ask for in a new baby project?! You are, after all, likely battling with said new baby whilst trying to complete whatever pinterest worthy keepsake you’ve set your heart on, so the easier the better I’d say. Well, this crazy cute baby footprint keepsake made for a great ‘first … Read More

DIY Nursery Decor: Part 3 – Simple (& easy to remove!) Crib Skirt

As it stands, I’m currently still waddling merrily away, along my journey towards a finished and coordinated nursery, for our impending lump of joy (due November 4th – eeeeek!) The next stop on this crafty journey for me was a matching crib skirt to go with the DIY Nursery Set; curtains, quilt, decor pillows, hanging diaper holder and rocking chair cover, … Read More

Crazy Easy DIY Infinity Nursing Scarf Tutorial

DIY Infinity Nursing Scarf Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

So, I’ve seen variations of the DIY infinity nursing scarf bouncing around online for some time now and always thought they looked like a pretty awesome way to stay ahead of the nursing modesty game (By the way, that’s just my personal comfort level – seriously, more power to ya, whoever embraces public breastfeeding with more enthusiasm than I!) Anyway, … Read More