Who the heck is THAT, Mom?: 5 Ways to Prepare Older Kids for a New Baby

5 Ways To Prepare Older Kids For A New Baby | The Blossoming Bump

1. Books ‘I’m A Big Brother’ by Joanna Cole ‘Brothers Are For Making Mud Pies’ by Harriet Ziefert and Chris L. Demarest ‘Sisters Are For Making Sand Castles’ by Harriet Ziefert and Chris L. Demarest ‘I’m A Big Brother’ by Parragon Books ‘What A Baby Needs’ by William Sears ‘Baby On The Way’ by William and Martha Sears ‘God Gave Us Two’ … Read More

The Second Pregnancy: Labor Induction; what’s the RIGHT thing to do?

The Second Pregnancy: Labor Induction? | The Blossoming Bump

Facing a second labor and birth is a lot like rerunning a marathon. Ideally, you’d like to do better than last time; be more physically capable, exercise a greater level of mental stamina, and beat out your personal time record. Also though, because you already know what to expect, you also know what’s ‘coming’. And that can be daunting. My … Read More

PINCHme Box September Review: Free Samples for All!

PINCHme Review | The Blossoming Bump

So, it’s my favorite time of the month again. That’s right, it’s PINCHme time y’all! Guys, if you haven’t checked out this truly awesome free sample service yet then you’re missing out. And you need to haul your tired mama butts over to their site and get signed up. Like yesterday. Every month the mailman drops off a box of sheer joy … Read More

The Two Kid Trapeze: Surviving The Second Child Dynamic (A KMB Post)

The Two Kid Trapze | The Blossoming Bump

Dear Moms in the Two Kid Trenches, I get it finally. I really, really do. Here I am, donned in day old pajamas and staring bleary eyed at the same near blank computer screen that’s been taunting me for the past half an hour. And it’s officially 7:15pm. And my day isn’t over yet. It’s not because I have a … Read More

‘New Mom’ Blueberry Zucchini Crumb Muffins!

'New Mom' Blueberry Zucchini Crumb Muffins | The Blossoming Bump

So, in the midst of stocking up my freezer for baby number 2 (stocking up is putting it lightly, this poor appliance is fit to burst!) I decided to branch out a little on the muffin front. I knew I needed something that would help with lactation for nursing Thing Two (why, hello raw oats and flax seed!), something I could … Read More

Parent Rivalry: When Our Kids Play Nicer Than We Do

Parent Rivalry: When Our Kids Play Nicer Than We Do | The Blossoming Bump

Ever witnessed a toddler the moment they realize their little playmate isn’t on board with their way of thinking? Perhaps they aren’t stacking something quite in the order they ‘should’ be, or they don’t see a scene play out exactly so, through their own imagination – whatever the reason, chances are said toddler may demonstrate that age old act known as … Read More

6 Healthy and Easy Toddler Breakfasts! The Ultimate Recipe Round Up!

Healthy Toddler Breakfast Round-Up |The Blossoming Bump

We’ve all been there, haven’t we moms? It’s a busy weekday morning (or weekend coz let’s face it, they all blend into one nowadays) and the ultimate challenge appears once again – I need to feed my picky toddler fast and I need it not to be junk! Well, here are just a few of my favorite healthy and easy … Read More

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator: An Honest Mom’s Review!

Fresh Wave Review | The Blossoming Bump

So our couch gave up the ghost the other day. This might not sound like a big deal to many, but only a few days into having baby number two and with limited financial resources due to hospital bills and paternity leave (see reason above for that), we were hard pressed to go sofa shopping in the footloose and fancy … Read More

8 (sorta) Fun Observations About Becoming a Second Time Mom

8 Observations About Becoming A Second Time Mom | The Blossoming Bump

1. Watching the nurturing side grow in my eldest. There’s nothing quite like watching your oldest child meet with, and bond with, their new sibling… or so I was told all the way through my second pregnancy. Well, I can confirm it ladies, my heart being the weepy, hormonal puddle on the floor that it is right now. I’ve been … Read More