To Family Vacation or Not To Family Vacation?

To Family Vacation Or Not To Family Vacation | The Blossoming Bump

Very recently my little man clan and I were presented with a rather generous offer; a free bloody beach vacation! Obviously we spiraled immediately into manic excitement. We texted the pet sitter, checked the hubster’s work calendar and started noting down whatever appointments would need to be shifted to a week later (sorry midwife, but ya know how it goes). … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: 8 Tips for Crowd Safety with Kids

Mom Vacation Hack; 8 Tips For Crowd Safety With Kids | The Blossoming Bump

No mom really enjoys the free-for-all of the summer school vacations. While it can be quite nice to immerse yourself into a like minded, equally excited holiday crowd once in a blue moon, it’s not without it’s frustrations. So every year I like to refresh my family’s memory when it comes to crowd safety with kids. You see, you don’t … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: The Ultimate Family Vacation Packing List Printable!

The Ultimate Family Vacation Packling List Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Ever make it 8 hours down the road, 2 squawking fidgety kids and 15 potty breaks later, and realize that you’ve forgotten something MAJOR?! Never again! At least hopefully not with the help of this nifty little Family Vacation Packing List printable – for FREE! You’re welcome… now go work on that tan mama!   Free 8 x 10 Printable … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: Kid Swim Safety (from Infant to Teen!) & What YOU Need To Know


    From before the age of 1, little bitties can enroll in learn-to-swim classes (Mommy & Me classes can be especially rewarding and a great bonding experience for you both!) so think about taking them for their first dunk with a licensed instructor close by, to encourage and teach both of you! Don’t forget the sunscreen! Reapply, reapply, reapply. … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: How I Got My 18 Month Old To Sleep On Vacation!

Mom Vacation Hack Getting Your Toddler To Sleep The Blossoming Bump

The impending ‘sleep issue’ was a doozy for me leading into our recent beach vacation. My son was a terrible sleeper for the first 12 months of his life, causing me to now live in near constant fear that those days will return, or God forbid, that I will somehow provoke them into being again by trying selfishly to have … Read More

You Can’t Buy Sunshine: Learning to LET GO on a Family Vacation

Learning To Let Go on a Family Vacation | The Blossoming Bump

I learnt a lot over the course of our last family vacation. I learnt that I can sleep anywhere during this pregnancy, that I am in fact physically able to enter a cold pool under the judgmental and hopeful gaze of my offspring, and that my 18 month old desires nothing more than to consume his own weight (which is not modest, let … Read More

5 REAL Ways to Save $$$ On A Family Vacay!

5 REAL Ways to Save $$$ on a Family Vacation | The Blossoming Bump

1. Bring Your Own Non-Perishables Whether you’re squeezing the whole clan into a hotel room for the week (erm, gulp?) or kickin’ it condo style, there’s one easy way to cut down on the typical vacation munchie costs – bring your own! Sounds easy I know, but to get more specific here’s my own break down of what’s great to … Read More