Who the heck is THAT, Mom?: 5 Ways to Prepare Older Kids for a New Baby

5 Ways To Prepare Older Kids For A New Baby | The Blossoming Bump

1. Books ‘I’m A Big Brother’ by Joanna Cole ‘Brothers Are For Making Mud Pies’ by Harriet Ziefert and Chris L. Demarest ‘Sisters Are For Making Sand Castles’ by Harriet Ziefert and Chris L. Demarest ‘I’m A Big Brother’ by Parragon Books ‘What A Baby Needs’ by William Sears ‘Baby On The Way’ by William and Martha Sears ‘God Gave Us Two’ … Read More

The Two Kid Trapeze: Surviving The Second Child Dynamic (A KMB Post)

The Two Kid Trapze | The Blossoming Bump

Dear Moms in the Two Kid Trenches, I get it finally. I really, really do. Here I am, donned in day old pajamas and staring bleary eyed at the same near blank computer screen that’s been taunting me for the past half an hour. And it’s officially 7:15pm. And my day isn’t over yet. It’s not because I have a … Read More

Parent Rivalry: When Our Kids Play Nicer Than We Do

Parent Rivalry: When Our Kids Play Nicer Than We Do | The Blossoming Bump

Ever witnessed a toddler the moment they realize their little playmate isn’t on board with their way of thinking? Perhaps they aren’t stacking something quite in the order they ‘should’ be, or they don’t see a scene play out exactly so, through their own imagination – whatever the reason, chances are said toddler may demonstrate that age old act known as … Read More

6 Healthy and Easy Toddler Breakfasts! The Ultimate Recipe Round Up!

Healthy Toddler Breakfast Round-Up |The Blossoming Bump

We’ve all been there, haven’t we moms? It’s a busy weekday morning (or weekend coz let’s face it, they all blend into one nowadays) and the ultimate challenge appears once again – I need to feed my picky toddler fast and I need it not to be junk! Well, here are just a few of my favorite healthy and easy … Read More

Why It Took Me a Year to Submit to Being a Mom

Why It Took Me A Year To Submit To Being A Mom | The Blossoming Bump

There are changes in our life that we choose, and there are those that choose us. Motherhood is a weird one. A strange dichotomy of the two. For some of us it’s a surprise sure, but for many it’s a planned adventure, filled with expectation and excitement for all that it’s known to bring into our lives. This was how … Read More

Dear Daycare Mom; Why I Won’t Send My Son to Pre-School (Yet!)

Dear Daycare Mom | The Blossoming Bump

Here I am, 21 months (and almost 2 kids) into this parenting gig and by now I feel like I’ve heard it all. So many comments exchanged both in confidence and in whispers, about how other mothers choose to deal with the inevitable issues that arise when raising a child. Shoot, I’m sure I’ve been one of them at some … Read More

Screw The Jones': Keeping Up With Contentment

Screw The Jones': Keeping Up With Contentment | The Blossoming Bump

Ever feel like you don’t know how you got here? I’m talking about those moments when you pause, truly stop, and look around at the state of your life. That state may be blissful, peaceful, brimming over with joy and memory making. OR it might be stressful, noisy, brimming over with filthy-kneed cargo shorts and Lego pieces that firmly and … Read More

The 18 Month Mom: It’s Still All Greek To Me…

The 18 Month Mom: It's Still All Greek To Me | The Blossoming Bump

You know, sometimes I wonder what I did with all that time I had, before motherhood swept in and stole my hours from me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful thief, offering more meaning in the place of the ‘me’ time I once held so dear, than I could ever have imagined. It is after all, a calling, mapped … Read More

An Early Learning Paradise? Tate’s School, Knoxville TN

Tate's School Knoxville TN

Image sourced from and linked to Tate’s School website. Last week I stumbled upon a hidden paradise of learning, right here in K-town TN. I, along with a gaggle of fantastic fellow blogger gals from Knoxville Mom Blog, we’re taken under the wing of founder and owner Lou L Tate, and toured the awesome campus of Tate’s School, Knoxville TN. Located … Read More

Mom Vacation Hack: How I Got My 18 Month Old To Sleep On Vacation!

Mom Vacation Hack Getting Your Toddler To Sleep The Blossoming Bump

The impending ‘sleep issue’ was a doozy for me leading into our recent beach vacation. My son was a terrible sleeper for the first 12 months of his life, causing me to now live in near constant fear that those days will return, or God forbid, that I will somehow provoke them into being again by trying selfishly to have … Read More