Delayed Cord Clamping: Why we did it (and will again)!

Delayed Cord Clamping: Why We Did It | The Blossoming Bump

There’s something stirring birth wise over in the UK. It’s not unheard of certainly, yet neither is it considered common practice in western medicine. Well, at least not until now. And what is this exciting new ‘fad’ that’s causing an ever growing stir among UK midwives, you might wonder? Delayed cord clamping, that’s what. I think that The American College … Read More

Could ‘New Mom Counseling’ Be What You’re Missing?

New Mom Counseling | The Blossoming Bump

It took me almost 5 months to get there. Counselling I mean. Of course for me it was definitely necessary considering the postpartum anxiety and depression I suffered after the birth of my first son, but it the whole thing got me thinking. Is there really anyone out there who couldn’t benefit from at least one session with a trained counselor, to … Read More

Why Midwife Care is for Me: My View on the US Birthing System

Why Midwife Care Is For Me: My View On The US Birthing System | The Blossoming Bump

We’re pretty darn blessed in this day and age, when it comes to choice aren’t we? Choice about what we eat, wear, do. Where we work, pray, gather, live, and which values we choose to instill in our offspring. And how we birth. We get a lot of choice on how we birth too. Or so we think. You see, while … Read More

Common Labor Interventions YOU Should Know About!

Common Labor Interventions You Should Know About The Blossoming Bump

Induction Labor can be induced for all kinds of different reasons; maternal health, fetal health, overdue, living far from the hospital or previous fast labors, waters broke but labor stalled. The list goes on. So many factors play a part in this decision – but just remember, induction IS an intervention and it’s possible it could lead to a more complicated … Read More

After Pains: What REALLY Happens Right After Birth

After Pains What Really Happens After Birth | The Blossoming Bump

Delivering the Placenta Technically this is the third stage of labor, but I figured I’m just gonna throw it in here since it’s post baby (and everything seems a million miles away after that!). For me it was pretty anticlimactic and honestly not uncomfortable, although some women do claim to experience pain with it. Occasionally your health care provider may have … Read More

5 New Mom Energy Boosters (That Aren’t Coffee!)

5 New Mom Energy Boosters | The Blossoming Bump

When I first stumbled into mom-dom, bleary eyed and overwhelmed, sleep was an elusive tease. It was something I craved more than food or air, but whose level always floated slightly below the amount that I needed to truly function in a socially acceptable way (read: leave the house without two different slippers on). I did indulge in the odd cup … Read More

Pain Meds in Labor: Should Dad Really Get A Say? (Knoxville Moms Blog Post)

Pain Meds In Labor: Should Dad Really Get A Say? | The Blossoming Bump

I believe in the ‘Warrior Mom.’ I believe that we in fact do earn some kind of invisible medal for enduring childbirth. I believe that no matter how each of us overcame and completed the birthing process, there is indeed a mom solidarity that follows it, a kind of ‘now you know’ club where membership is automatic despite the variation … Read More

After Pains: Postpartum Bleeding & Tips to Help You Deal

After Pains: Postpartum Bleeding & Tips On How To Deal | The Blossoming Bump

So we all know this exists. For me though as a total birthing newbie, well, it came as a shock. It can be a lot. Like a whole lot. For a long while. When I had my son, immediately after delivering the placenta I was kitted out with a super fancy (not) adsorbent pad to lounge around on in my … Read More