5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Pregnant in Summer

5 Reasons Its Great To Be Pregnant In Summer | The Blossoming Bump

1. Long Sundresses The time has come ladies, when all manner of pregnancy sins can be hidden beneath a beautifully billowing skirt or sundress. Thighs gotten out of control in the 2nd trimester? No worries. Belly button taken on the rather attractive ‘outie’ look on life? Not a problem. I LIVE in these things now, and hey, I may feel like a … Read More

Pregnancy and Summer Parties: 10 Ways To Give it Your All (but not really!)

Pregnancy And Summer Parties | The Blossoming Bump

You’d be excused for assuming that with the beating summer sun here in East TN, I’d be taking my 34 week pregnant butt to a shady corner for a cozy, cool sleep. But you’d be wrong! Because guess what!? Pregnancy and summer parties CAN mix, as easily of those frozen margaritas you can’t partake of right now (FYI I’ll be seeing … Read More

Pregnancy V-Day! (Baby Viability Date): But what does it all mean?

Pregnancy V-Day Baby Viability Day | The Blossoming Bump

V-day. I’ve heard this term floating around the pregnancy forums a lot recently, mostly accompanied by various digital whoops and hollers of congratulations. So clearly it’s a good thing then. I wasn’t sure. Like so many things pregnancy related, especially online, I felt a little behind the times when it came to understanding what this v-day malarkey was all about. … Read More

Hyperemesis: When Puke Comes To Shove

Hyperemesis: When Puke Comes To Shove | The Blossoming Bump

So, yeah, this was a shock in my second pregnancy. When I was baking my first son I barely had a care in the world; hardly any discomfort, lots of energy, no health issues and best of all? No. Morning. Sickness. Like at all. Sure I had the brief whirl of nausea when I smelt the trash or one of … Read More

3 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial (seriously, I timed it!)

The 3 Minute Mom Make-Up Tutorial | The Blossoming Bump

Hey you! Yeah you, you fabulous (if not a little thinly stretched) new momma, you! Remember when you got to painstakingly apply a full face of makeup; carefully constructing a palette that reflects your youth, mood and the destination of your day and (if you’re incredibly lucky) night?! Yeah, no, me neither. So without further ado, here’s my fool proof 3 … Read More

Less Than Perfect: Going From an A+ Maternity Patient to a… B-??

As a first time parent-to-be there exists a (by no means small) list of things that my midwife could say to me, that would have me donning my worrier’s cap. One of these statements entered my reality just the other day when she measured my ‘fundal height’ (a measurement of the size of the uterus, to assess fetal growth and … Read More

Moving and Shaking: Getting Going With A Ballooning Belly!

It’s officially become a strain to get out of the bed/bath/car by myself. The hubster is becoming quite accustomed to hearing me squeak throughout the house for help, while I try in vain to roll myself into some vague variation of an upright position. Thank goodness we have a small house and thin walls, is all I’m saying. There’s definitely … Read More