All Aboard the Frugality Train… Next Stop: Paternity Leave!

Frugality strikes again! As my husband and I gear up for the little squirt’s arrival, it’s rapidly becoming more and more obvious how much stuff we need and how much wiggle room we don’t have right now. We’re SO blessed to have a number of people within our family and close friends, whose generosity has produced more than a few … Read More

Stretch It Out… The Joys Of An Ever Expanding Belly!

I’ve heard it described as cramping, stretching, itching and even stabbing (my own midwife likened it to being knifed – positive thinking, right?) … I am of course talking about the rather tedious sensations known as ’round ligament pain’. RLP is that rather odd sharp, jabby sort of feeling you get all around the lower belly, groin area and all … Read More

Working Whilst Pregnant… Learning To Push On Through!

My job is a fairly physical one. That is to say it involves me getting up and down from the floor often, smelling smells and seeing sights that can turn a grown man’s stomach at the best of times (let alone in the midst of a morning sickness attack), tackling stairs and heavy lifting often and valiantly wrestling anxious animals … Read More

Finding A Midwife, US Stylee…

Well, I’m pleased to share that I think I may have found myself some high quality midwifery care, right here in Knoxville, TN. As I desperately searched for somewhere to have this little squirt that wasn’t going to feel like I was checking into hospital for inevitable drugs, interventions and maybe even surgery, I came across a birthing center that … Read More

Delights of the First Trimester: Nausea, Fatigue & A Standing Appointment With The Toilet!

For me the first few months of pregnancy were, well, typical I suppose. Part of me rather enjoyed living out a walking cliche of morning sickness, food aversions and crippling fatigue-induced ‘pregnancy brain’ (my work colleagues perhaps didn’t appreciate that latter so much). After all, every niggle and discomfort ultimately indicated that the belly monster I was brewing was doing … Read More

Roll Up, Roll Up…

… and welcome one and all. Please feel free to browse through the archives of my pregnancy adventures so far and share any questions, concerns, or indeed adventures of your own. Currently, I’m on the fun side of 6 months along (i.e. just past it and rapidly shuffling into Beluga whale territory) and I’m sad to say it’s taken me … Read More