10 MUST READ Online Resources for New Moms!

10 Must Read Online Resources For New Moms | The Blossoming Bump

CircleofMoms.com With parenting articles ranging from Baby, Little Kid, Big Kid, Special Needs, Health and Safety, and Behavior top name just a few subcategories, you’re bound to lose a few hours scanning this resource. Oh and the communities? They’re about as varied as you could ask for too! Stay at Home Moms, Toddler Moms, Single Moms, Breastfeeding Moms, Christian Moms… phew! … Read More

Why Sugar Scares Me: Protecting My Kids from ‘Food’

Why Sugar Scares Me Protecting My Kids From 'Food' | The Blossoming Bump

I’ve considered myself a bit of a clean eating fanatic for a while now, though admittedly I’m still working on changing a few habits and making the best choices I (now) know to make. What can I say? There’s a whole lot of temptation out there and I’m only human. Not to mention, pregnancy seems to have weakened my resolve … Read More

Sister’s Bedroom Decor: FREE Printable!

Sisters Bedroom Decor Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

While there’s no hiding the fact that I’m a boy mom through and through, it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting the fairer of the 2 sexes here on The Blossoming Bump… and that just ain’t fair! Hence I decided to share a slightly more girly counterpart to my Brother’s Bedroom Decor: Free Printable, in true mom solidarity with … Read More

What Nesting Means To A Second Time Mom…

What Nesting Means To A Second Time Mom | The Blossoming Bump

Something has been taking over our household for the last couple of months. My urge for nesting, premature as it may be, is voracious in it’s need to organize and clean within an inch of my life. I’m a hostage and I think I need an adult. I should be taking it easy. Or playing with our toddler. Or walking … Read More

Could ‘New Mom Counseling’ Be What You’re Missing?

New Mom Counseling | The Blossoming Bump

It took me almost 5 months to get there. Counselling I mean. Of course for me it was definitely necessary considering the postpartum anxiety and depression I suffered after the birth of my first son, but it the whole thing got me thinking. Is there really anyone out there who couldn’t benefit from at least one session with a trained counselor, to … Read More

Baby Shower ‘Advice for Mommy-To-Be Cards': FREE Printable!

Baby Shower Advice for Mommy-To-Be Cards Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Dear Mamas-In-Training, There’s really no greater thrill than celebrating and building excitement for all that is to come new baby wise, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Hence the tradition of the baby shower was born! Just save, print, cut out and hand around these Advice for Mommy-To-Be Cards to all the beautiful and influential moms in your life, and savor … Read More

Dear Daycare Mom; Why I Won’t Send My Son to Pre-School (Yet!)

Dear Daycare Mom | The Blossoming Bump

Here I am, 21 months (and almost 2 kids) into this parenting gig and by now I feel like I’ve heard it all. So many comments exchanged both in confidence and in whispers, about how other mothers choose to deal with the inevitable issues that arise when raising a child. Shoot, I’m sure I’ve been one of them at some … Read More

10 Best Things I Put In My New Baby Hospital Bag

10 Best Things I Put In My New Baby Hospital Bag | The Blossoming Bump

1. Juice Boxes and Indulgent Snacks Yup, that’s right ladies. During the 30 minutes it took me to push our son into this world, my primary motivation morphed rapidly from meeting our first child and escaping the pain, to, well, drinking 2 cartons of organic pear juice in a row. I’m so very serious. During the latter stages of labor … Read More

Nesting In Style: ‘To Do Before Baby’ FREE Printable

To Do Before Baby List Free Printable | The Blossoming Bump

Every mom-to-be wonders if she’s really ready for her baby to arrive (are we ever?!) – now you can be sure you are! Just save, print, and follow this comprehensive To Do Before Baby list to help you prepare yourself and your home for your new arrival! From mental preparation to medical must-dos, this list is full of great ‘getting ready … Read More

The Second Pregnancy: Harder, Faster, Stronger…?

The Second Pregnancy: Harder, Faster, Stronger? | The Blossoming Bump

Whoever said your first pregnancy was the hardest, well, they were lying. To me at least. Here I am, staring down the barrel of my second birthing experience and even though my son’s birth went swimmingly (I mean textbook great, thank God!), I can’t help but wonder how this one will turn out. You see, for me the second pregnancy has … Read More